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Reality simply consists of different points of view.

My short fiction film focuses on combating the stigma surrounding borderline personality disorder. There is a lack of fair representation of borderline personality disorder in the media. With this film, I aim to present a realistic portrayal of borderline, challenging viewers to confront their own prejudices. ‘Scherven van de Zon’ explores the concept of subjectivity and perspective, with different characters experiencing their own distinct truths. It reveals how these individual perspectives can distort reality and emphasizes the complexity of human perception.

About the story: ‘Scherven van de Zon’ follows the life of Selena, a young woman struggling with the turbulent emotional world of borderline personality disorder. When Selena gets into a heated conflict with her boyfriend, her evening takes a dark turn filled with impulsive, escapist decisions and unique encounters with various people who make her question her own perception of truth.