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This video-installation demands understanding for partial deafness through a humorous and disorienting critique of diagnostic hearing tests.

Mijke de Zeeuw’s video installation offers a unique perspective on diagnostic hearing tests. The installation criticizes the diagnostic hearing test, particularly for its lack of consideration for non-verbal communication, such as body language and lip reading, which are essential for those who are partially deaf or deaf.

Being partially deaf herself, Mijke feels there is much misunderstanding about this group. This sentiment is echoed in the title of her work, which is a phrase commonly used as a light-hearted joke in social situations. It carries irony, as those using it usually have normal hearing. People do not expect someone to be partially deaf or deaf when using this expression, highlighting the hidden nature of partially deaf and deaf people in society.

Mijke’s multidisciplinary art, including film, photography, and installation, delves into themes of identity, alienation, and representation, focusing on the experiences of partially deaf individuals.