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Nominee St. Joostpenning 2024

A rhythm of intertwining stories.

Kopaneli is a form of lace-making and a way of being together.

This story is not mine, it is not my property, nor do I know the whole story, but I try to pass it on in my own way.

Alongside learning, as threads wind around each other, connections of care, reciprocity, responsibility, affection, and love are formed.

The Kopaneli pattern has become a choreography,
a rhythm of a dance.

An unfamiliar difficulty, lying with your body on another, pressing, supporting, and rolling over.

The physical threads have been left out. The lace that is formed is not physically visible, it exists as a thought and, after the performance ends, as a memory.

I hope you will pause, watch, give it your attention. Perhaps if you listen carefully, you will then hear the story we are trying to tell you.