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I want, I can, I may!

‘Studio Duizendpoot’ – Where does this name come from? The millipede has been on Earth for more than 326 million years. In the past, they were as long as 2.5 meters and as wide as 0.5 meters. Today, in some countries, they don’t grow larger than 30 centimeters. Over the years, the millipede has evolved and learned to adapt, becoming what it is today.

At ‘Studio Duizendpoot’, children are given the time to develop their own creative processes. Creativity is central at ‘Studio Duizendpoot’; children learn to build self-confidence, make their own choices, and think in a solution-oriented way. This is achieved through two key aspects: the use of materials and an open-ended approach. Children at ‘Studio Duizendpoot’ have the freedom to do and explore whatever interests them, which helps them discover their strengths and build their self-confidence.