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A donkey, next to a mushroom.

A few years ago, I called my practice a ‘kronkelend geporzel.’ I compared the moments when I had an idea to the ping that a microwave makes. All the ‘microwave pings’ had to be worked out immediately.

My practice is like a rhizomatic plant that takes shape around painting and horses. The clarity, calmness, and sensitivity that I need to be a good passive leader with horses, I carry over into my painting practice. My oil paintings are figurative and consist of composite images. I am a collector of visual material. Everyday images are combined into scenes that reference reality, but there’s something that’s not quite right. The shape of initially different things fits seamlessly together. To make images rhyme, not in sound but in form. A sense of form, coherence, and difference. Rhyming has something absurd about it.

He said, ‘And don’t forget, the material knows more than you.’