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Drown in my eyes, swim in my tears.

Has your love ever been unreciprocated? Well, that has happened to me too many times. All these experiences have translated into words that flowed out of me like a stream of tears, all because my love was unanswered.

How can you prove that love is real? I’ve read a lot about soul mates, invisible strings, and the concept of “right person, wrong time”. For me, love was something I’ve experienced but have not yet had reciprocated.

After having been to the deepest parts of the ocean, I’ve translated my feelings into poetic artworks bundled into a multifunctional print made with linoleum cut and letterpress.

From all these experiences of unanswered love, I wonder: what is love for a hopeless romantic person like myself? Did I really experience it, or was it all an illusion?