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Dive into the haunting depths of a surreal post-apocalyptic world in the first-person adventure game Symbiosis.

Amidst a desolate wasteland, an eerie underground laboratory emerges—a cold, unfeeling institution where the remnants of humanity are dissected and repurposed. Here, scientists labor to create a new breed of humans, unbound by the need for oxygen, water, or food. You awaken as an anonymous, hollow experiment, discarded into a mass grave of failed attempts. Stripped of your organs, you must navigate the twisted corridors and shadowy labs, seeking to reclaim your humanity piece by piece. Unravel the grotesque secrets of the institution while encountering bizarre environments along the way. With each step, the line between reality and nightmare blurs, drawing you deeper into a chilling narrative of survival and transformation. Can you escape this living nightmare and expose the true horror behind the laboratory’s experiments? Embark on this abstract journey and discover your fate.