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Ik zal altijd geklemd blijven aan synchroon

Everything I create revolves around synchronized swimming. In this sport, you perform beautiful, graceful patterns in the water together, swimming precisely in sync. Moreover, these patterns, figures, and movements must harmonize with the music. I have immersed myself in this subject and everything associated with it for almost my entire time at the academy. I craft a genuine, colorful aquatic world through paintings, ceramic sculptures, and textile objects. I create patterns using beads, swimsuits, and nose clips, drawing from my own experiences with synchronized swimming. My work reflects my passion for discipline, perfection, and enjoyment in this sport. I explore the synchrony among people and how we mirror each other, both in the swimming world and in our daily lives. Starting from basic research into this water ballet, my passion has blossomed into a vast, enriching art collection brimming with meaning and joy!