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Rest your head on the pillows to listen and untangle the insecurities in the bedroom.

“In lakens verstrengeld”, or “Tangled in sheets”, aims to untangle the insecurities people have in the bedroom and provide a comfortable and open approach to discussing insecurities around sex.

Insecurities around sex are common among people. However, while the topic of sex is highly prevalent in our society, people rarely hear about insecurities related to it.

Many are unaware that their insecurities can be very common. This lack of awareness can cause people to bottle up their insecurities and develop mental and physical issues as a result. Therefore, there is a need to bring the less glamorous side of sex into the conversation, to raise awareness and encourage people to express themselves on this topic.

The bed is used to emphasize the association with sex in a comfortable and familiar setting. By resting their head on one of the pillows, visitors can listen to the intimate stories of real people.