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Sinister Dutch folklore tales made into hand-drawn tattoo designs.

Tattoo Tales is a collection of three hand-drawn works. Each piece is based on a Dutch creature from folklore and explores their story within the design. These sinister and, at the same time, intriguing stories may have been forgotten by most. My mission is to bring these stories back to life and make people aware of the amazing history and narratives this small country holds. Various techniques and materials are used for the artwork, such as graphite, fine liner, ink, and even my own tattoo machine. The artworks are 70 cm by 100 cm and are by far the biggest project I have made up until now. With these works, I want to show people that tattoos are a form of art. I want to contribute to breaking the stigma held towards the field of tattoo art and demonstrate how much complex, detailed artwork and storytelling tattoos can hold.