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In the first place, it's about nonsense.

Imagine a room. Then take away the ceiling, the floor, and, while we’re at it, the walls. All we are left with is a division between above and below, which we will call the horizon. From here we will start. “The Bell Rings” is a study about the world that is created, or creates itself, when you take the walls away. During this 20-minute text performance, the audience is guided by the narrator, who creates a world in the minds of the people who are listening.

Hester Schuil is a performative artist who works with the illogical. She explores the rules, either made up or imposed, in the imaginary world as well as in our reality. Her work is strongly inspired by the place and time in which it is created. Bits and pieces of this ‘physical reality’ find their way into the performance, in some cases making it site-specific.