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It almost worked.

‘The Endless Summer’ is a semi-autobiographical graphic novel about three friends trying to find a place to settle while on a road trip through France.

Flaiò has just graduated from university in Eindhoven, but all she can think about is the fact that she has to move back in with her parents in France due to the housing crisis. Alone in her room, she mourns the thought of leaving behind her best friends, Zaou and Sal. Just as she’s feeling sorry for herself, Zaou and Sal burst through the door, telling Flaiò they don’t have anything necessarily keeping them in Eindhoven and they want to come with her to France. They want to experience the freedom of a summer road trip while searching for a place where they can all settle and begin the rest of their lives together!

The graphic novel deals with feelings of yearning for stability and freedom, hope, and despair. It is the result of coming to terms with my experiences and fears.