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By archiving photographs, we create the illusion of a lasting memory.

“The Fragile Archives,” photobook, 2024
Eva van Hees (1998), The Netherlands

In “The Fragile Archives,” Eva van Hees explores the role of photographs as a testimony to our existence. She does this by rearranging images from her grandmother’s archive, connecting associative images, and incorporating artificial intelligence to question the trustworthiness of the photographs. Through this process, she interprets what her grandmother’s life may have looked like, something her grandmother can no longer discuss due to Alzheimer’s disease. Eva’s work emphasizes the interplay between increasingly fragmented memories and the essence of who her grandmother once was.

Eva van Hees draws inspiration from stories in her personal environment. In her work, she focuses on themes such as time and impermanence. This interest originates from her reflection on the inevitable changes life brings.