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Nominee St. Joostpenning 2024

What will endlessy intrigue me is the paradox of all of us living our own unique lives, but each of us the main character, the passerby, and the invisible all at the same time - bleeding into one mosaic symphony of intertwined stories.

At an abandoned gas station, the paths of Rue, Halley and Rayleigh cross and unravel through layers of time, where their memories and impact of choices intertwine. ‘To Where the Sky Turns Blue’ is a magical realistic psychological drama exploring the echoes of pivotal moments in our lives.

As a filmmaker I focus on the complexity of our emotional and imperfect inner world, focusing on themes like memory, trauma, and intimacy. I am fascinated by our human ambiguity – the interplay between what we feel but don’t say, between what we want and what we do. Creating fiction allows me to embrace the raw emotions of everyday life, with a hint of magic to capture those feelings that words sometimes fall short of.

By depicting intrinsic and vulnerable human moments, I hope to offer people a part of themselves or others, fostering acceptance in the paths we’ve taken and celebrating our complex but beautiful human experience.