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A corner, a place. Printed memories from outside. A cluster of small, fragile things. Little pieces of fabric, twigs and branches, feathers and snails. Pills in moss, the color purple, the night, reflections and glass. Pieces, fragments and droplets. Gestures, moving and fortuity. Painted captivations, drawn out thoughts. It is on its way, it follows a conscious path. It is there when you lie awake at night. It is found out there in another. It is within your body that feels and knows. It is there, in between.

Carmen van Beem (Rotterdam, 1995) is captivated by her surroundings, observing how the world changes from day to night and painting these scenes in breathtaking colors. She begins her creative process through experience and observation. During her walks, she collects objects encountered along the way—such as a broken chain, pieces of moss, and fallen branches. These lost materials find their way back into her free assemblages, sculptures, drawings, and paintings.

Her various processes intertwine in a symbiotic relationship where cycles and rituals find their place. Pieces of fabric can transform into a painting, while branches offer glimpses into painted landscapes. Her artistic practice is driven by a quest to relate to the world. Repetitions and diverse interactions occur throughout her creative journey, leading to continuous evolution in her work. Playfulness, spontaneity, and meaning are central to her work.