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Fans, wipers, wires, perspectives, postures, shredders, and actuators.

Fans, wipers, wires, perspectives, postures, shredders, and actuators. Carried in hanging compositions, standing frameworks, and reclining constructions. Reinforced with wood and metal, leftovers from the previous owner, and combined with unpredictable second-hand objects. In my love for items and fascination with collecting, these discarded materials find a new place in my sculptures.

Attentively and carefully, I connect found and discarded objects and strip them of their conventional contexts. These are then reinterpreted in my sculptures: a record player becomes a rotating mechanism. I thoroughly explore the boundaries of materials, taking their inherent traits seriously and granting them a new form. Are their material possibilities endlessly transformative?

Searching for postures and proportions, I encounter universal and unchanging laws of nature. The objects evoke recognition in the viewer and bring about the surprise of transformation. My fascination with connecting, adapting, and complementing serves as an invitation to discover these relationships.