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“Turning White” is a story about themes of being queer and (neuro)divergent and what it means to live as a woman who is seen as “different” in her society, through the lens of an old Dutch myth.

Using the myth of the White Witches (Dutch: Witte Wieven) “Turning White” tells the story of Yennefer: a young Victorian woman, burdened by the expectations society has placed on her. After she is married to a man against her will, Yennefer travels to the pond in the woods near the village where she lives, where she reflects on what she should do. From the mist a White Witch appears to her, and the ghostly spirit shows her that there may be another path for her to take. Yennefer is now faced with a difficult decision: should she throw away her wedding ring, leaving behind her family and everything that she knows for the great unknown? Or will she return to the security and familiarity of her family, whilst staying trapped in a loveless marriage?