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“The title ‘Until We Meet Again’ could be connected to many different aspects of my experience: until I see my house again, my extended family, my friends, my dog…”

‘Until We Meet Again’ is a graphic novel that tells the story of how my Lebanese mother was forced to flee her village during the Lebanese civil war, which spanned from 1975 to 1990. She left behind her life as she knew it, including her dog, due to a lack of space in their car. My mother was once a girl, just like me. Unlike my quiet early twenties, hers were filled with fleeing and hiding between the trembling walls of her house.

This story is pieced together through research, but more importantly, through a profound desire to learn about an unfamiliar side of my family. Throughout the creation of this graphic novel, I have heard stories of deceased family members whom I did not get to know in this lifetime. This project has opened my mind to the civil war experiences that my family endured.