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Welcome to the age of gas-lit lamps and horse-drawn carriages—Professor Abraham van Helsing invites you to join his mission to save his family and close the portal to the world of the dead. Are you ready?

Can you hear that? The echo of a distant bell tolls in the old church tower. Look closer—do you see that faint glow behind the church windows?

Come and enter “Van Helsing: Descent into Darkness,” where the veil between the living and the dead is thin, offering an adventure through the haunted catacombs to each brave soul who dares to enter.

Professor Abraham van Helsing needs your help to close the portal to the world of the dead, ‘The Hereafter’.
You’ll navigate through the catacombs, confront mischievous spirits, and face the challenge of sealing the portal. Experience suspense, sadness, and excitement during this unforgettable journey.

“Van Helsing: Descent into Darkness” is an immersive dark ride that offers guests a chance to confront their fears in a safe environment whilst experiencing a world straight out of a ghostly tale. It’s designed for anyone over the age of 10 and balances spooky environments with moments of adventure.