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‘’In a family marked by alcoholism, a young daughter promises to break the cycle.’’

In this household, every evening starts out with a few drinks. As the evening progresses, the daughter often finds her parents drunk and unresponsive. Forced to take on a caring role towards her parents, she promises herself that she will never let it get that far within her own life. However, as she grows up, she finds herself coming eye-to-eye with this promise and questioning whether she can keep it.

Van het Huis / On The House explores both the generational aspect and personal struggle with alcoholism. Addiction is something deeply personal, often accompanied by shame and both bodily and mental struggles. With this film, I wish to cultivate empathy for both the perpetrators and the affected, as these two often go hand in hand in generational cycles. Inspired by my own experiences, I hope to make people aware of their relationship with alcohol, as well as the importance of recognizing harmful habits as the first step to breaking a cycle.