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Winner Lucasprijs 2024

Ultimately, my artistic practice is a tribute to the complexity of human existence, an attempt to make visible the invisible patterns of our experiences, and to build a bridge between the individual soul and the collective human experience.

I allow myself to fully immerse in the fabric of existence. Like an alchemist, I play with the elements of my being. My work is a celebration of the human body and the boundless complexity of the soul. Each material I choose is infused with symbolic meaning, and I approach my work with a profound understanding of their physical qualities and the associations they bring.

I admire the power of transformation, the magic of the mundane, and the beauty of the unexpected. My workplace is a sanctuary, where the boundaries between culture and identity merge. In its shadow, you find the ashes of the past. Here I dance with the spirits of the past and the dreams of the future. Where children of transformation are born. Where every gesture is an act of magic and every word a prayer for eternity.