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In ''Vlissinger Michiel'', we follow a passionate collector who pits his passion for preserving Vlissings heritage against throwaways, determined to keep history alive.

We follow 69-year-old former pharmacist Michiel from Vlissingen, who currently has one major life goal: to collect as many items as possible that have significance to Vlissingen in the broadest sense. What he will do with these items is a concern for later. Since he actively fights against disposals, his motivation is to preserve this collection of old Vlissingen items for future generations. In 2011, Michiel housed his collection in his own foundation: Vlissinger Michiel.

In ‘Vlissinger Michiel’, we see that his collection is scattered throughout his home, including a dedicated room for Vlissingen. One of the unique collections is that of his former employer, pharmacist Mr. Van de Sande (1916-2001), which Michiel not only loves to collect but also must protect at all costs from being discarded. ‘Vlissinger Michiel’ is a portrait of a collector eager to honor the deceased person behind each object.