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Do we dare entrust our most precious possessions to technology? Or do we yearn for a more analogue way of remembering?

“Wearable Memory – The Heirloom of the Future” stems from my fascination with jewelry and the memories and symbolism they carry.

This project explores how technological and analog developments could influence the future of wearable heirlooms by 2050. I wonder if technology can capture emotional value or if physical memories will remain more important.

I consider the body as an archive. During my research, I have become convinced of two possible future scenarios.

In a technology-dominated future, heirlooms could function as external hard drives for our memories, worn via an implant.

In an analog future, overwhelmed by the constant presence and dependence on technology, we might long for simplicity and concreteness. Thus, we would wear our heirlooms protectively and close to our bodies.

In both scenarios, we use the heirloom as an emotionally valuable object but also as a potential learning tool for future generations.

925 silver, stainless steel, polymer.