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In a colorful underwater world, a brave Shrimp and a gentle Whale team up to discover the truth about a terrible monster. Along their journey, they discover the true power of friendship and courage.

‘Whale & Shrimp, Shivering and Shaking’ is an enchanting children’s book filled with relatable tales. It tells the story of Shrimp, a small creature who desires independence and is very brave, accompanied by his friend Whale, a large, kind soul who sometimes succumbs to fear.

On a sunny day, while Whale and Shrimp are busy building a sandcastle, they are interrupted by a panicked little fish who tells them about a terrible monster in the city. Though Shrimp confidently embarks on this adventure, Whale becomes increasingly fearful of the scary monster along the way. When he finally shares his fears with Shrimp, Whale learns that he might be blowing things out of proportion in his mind, and furthermore, Shrimp is a friend who will stand by him through thick and thin. With renewed courage, they journey to the monster’s lair, only to discover that it is in fact a small, harmless octopus.