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Anna's main characters are yet again suffering from the fate assigned to them. 

Wiebe Tromp, a gentle man from a deeply Calvinist environment, lives an ascetic life. Yet amid all the peace, cleanliness, and regularity, he lacks friendship. Tromp is taken by surprise when he encounters Petro, a striking and robust man, during a stroll through the park. Petro demonstrates the true meaning of hospitality, and his warmth captivates Tromp. Hoping for an exclusive friendship, Tromp finds himself at Petro’s door, only to face an unexpected turn of events that jeopardizes their path to friendship. Tasked with navigating a collectivist community with exotic norms and values, Tromp persists in his desire for a friendship solely with Petro. The story reaches a bittersweet conclusion that leaves much to the imagination of the reader.