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Come, my beloved Cyborg. Let's look each other straight in the eye, together forever. You and me. Will you keep me safe?

Dear fellow Cyborg,

We can no longer deny it; cyberspace is our new home. Together, we can be anything: digital gods, creators of our own worlds.

My work explores the inextricable intertwining of humanity and technology in our current digital transformation. I fantasize about what it means to be human in a world where our essence is also translated into binary code. In my work, I seek answers through a fusion of the digital and analog worlds, integrating mysticism and spirituality into cyberspace as a new dimension of our existence. Where do you end, and where does the machine start?

Transcend with me and wrap yourself in a magnificent robe of ones and zeros. Your restless soul, too, can find peace in the shimmering digital landscape.