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Design students Jesse Paauwe and Stijn Ros, who recently graduated from the study New Design & Attitudes, has been announced winner of the Atelierprijs Breda 2023-2024. The municipality of Breda provides this annual prize to the most enterprising student of St. Joost School of Art & Design in Breda. The winner may use a guest studio at Electron for a year and will receive guidance as a starting entrepreneur. This gives them the opportunity to develop further as an artist or designer. Breda wants to use the Atelierprijs to encourage young, promising artists to commit themselves to Breda. This award is made possible by the Municipality of Breda and Broedplaats Electron.

The jury says:
As a thinker versus doer, you are an interesting duo we want to see more of. You both seem able to quickly turn concepts and ideas into concrete products, with a broad scope. We were surprised by your entrepreneurial approach and the amount of work you’ve already done outside the academy and the interaction you engage with environment and organisations in the process. We are curious to see how you will realise your ambitions and would like to facilitate you in doing so with space!

Jesse and Stijn: “Our adventure as a design duo called Bomba starts here. We love to bend the rules and are very fascinated by public space and branding. With an experimental attitude, we strive to apply new possibilities within graphic design and look beyond a computer screen.”

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Stijn Ros (left) en Jesse Paauwe (right).